Wilder World

A decentralized Metaverse is being built in a wilder universe. Wilder World is the world’s first totally liquid, fully decentralized, community led NFT marketplace, with no artist fees and its own dynamic currency system that rewards users.

With a Metaverse governed by all the Wilders of the World, Wilder World ushers in the approaching explosion of unrestrained creation. Where art, riches, and freedom rule supreme, and artists all around the world feel really empowered.

The Wilders are excited to present the newest edition of Wilder World, which features a revolutionary, Decentralized Liquid NFT Marketplace developed entirely by artists, for artists, during this revolution and only days after the first Global Art Gallery in Augmented Reality.

They’ve developed a virtual environment for great artists like you to accomplish the work they love while being motivated and inspired by the collaborative components of a much larger movement. Wilder World is constructing a platform for creative endeavors that will elevate digital creativity to the 3D Metaverse. They are valued artists who have also developed a cyber economy tailored to their consumers’ needs. Their viral “Drops” catapult you into the stratosphere of cash possibilities.

They embrace, curate, and foster some of the world’s most prominent 3D art while also offering a web3-enabled, liquid NFT market. Through the tokenization of digital art and the capitalization of thriving crypto markets, the financialization of art coexists (rather than competes) with (rather than competes with) artist abundance in their Metaverse.

In a community platform created from the ground up to ignite the creator-community relationship, Wilder World enables individuals to form expressive connections with their favorite artists.