Blockparty & NFT Protocol

BLOCKPARTY NFT enables creators and businesses to build verifiably unique, linked goods that benefit and delight their followers both online and offline.

BLOCKPARTY is a premium NFT art and collectibles platform that combines credit card payment onramps, quick wallet setup, and customized storefronts for creators to provide them the greatest digital asset experience possible.

BLOCKPARTY is a platform that anybody may access to provide them with consistent and realistic services. BLOCKPARTY was established in 2017 with the goal of using NFTs as a blockchain ticketing solution for major music festivals and events. They noticed the exciting path NFTs were headed as instruments to alter the art and collectibles industries as early movers in the sector, so they decided to develop a platform in 2019 to give the most powerful and polished tools for both producers and collectors. So, in August of 2020, they released the first prototype of their NFT market and worked to refine it from there.

For artists and business owners, BLOCKPARTY NFT provides a variety of tools, including:

• On the Flow blockchain, transactions and minting are both free.
• Collectors and creators do not need to set up a MetaMask (or any other browser plugin) wallet, which means they may mint to Block Party’s own internal provenance system.
• Purchases may be made using both Ethereum and a credit card, with more payment options on the way.
• Custom product drops, complete with countdown timings, are possible.
• Best-in-class user experience design makes it simple to sell and browse for jobs.
• Storefront profiles that may be customized, allowing artists to personalize their area.