War Riders

War Riders is a post-apocalyptic MMO driving game in which you may mine BZN Tokens and blow-up cars. You may personalize your vehicles with auto components and weaponry and keep them in your garage.

WarRiders is the world’s first decentralized MMO strategic game that combines bitcoin mining and vehicle destruction.

Players earn cryptocurrency, customize vehicles, and battle other players in War Riders, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game. Players may build their own customized war vehicles from the ground up, which they can then use to mine and assault opponents for Benzene, the game’s in-game currency. By driving through waypoints or plundering other players’ money, gamers can mine for BZN. A smart contract enforces BZN’s restricted supply and unique “burning” process.

Certified, Inc., a VC-backed software firm based in Washington, DC, is working on War Riders. The goal of the game is to become the Wasteland’s most powerful army. The only form of money available to trade in the Wasteland is Benzene (BZN), which is at the center of this. Players create their own combat vehicles from the ground up, complete with personalized logos and messaging, and use them to explore the Wasteland in search of BZN.

To redeem BZN, players must return their acquired items to their garages without being robbed. Benzene may be used to purchase stronger weapons, more garage spaces, armor, and nitro-boost, as well as being swapped for other virtual currencies. On the Ethereum blockchain, WarRiders will launch one of the largest pre-order campaigns for its virtual vehicles. All premium vehicles will have their tanks filled with BZN immediately after purchase to fully prepare for the apocalypse. On their website, private sign-ups are now available.