My Crypto Heroes (MCH Plus)

My Crypto Heroes (MCH) is an Ethereum-based multiplayer role-playing game. To conquer the MCH universe, users may level up their historical heroes through missions and participate player vs. player combat. Their heroes and equipment are protected by the Blockchain as ERC 721 tokens, and their worth increases as they progress in the game.

It’s a fight game with a turn-based system. Collect historical heroes, level them up, add extensions, and strive to be the Crypto World’s best. Quests, weekly tournaments, and a ranked fight system are all part of this game. Furthermore, game designers have built an economy within the game that assures that players’ assets rise in value as they play.

My Crypto Heroes is a real-time strategy war game based on the Ethereum blockchain. Play as historical-inspired heroes, embark on missions to discover rare artefacts, and compete for prizes and renown with other people. My Crypto Heroes (MCH) is a blockchain-based gaming application. On smartphones, it is possible to play without paying for gas.

Through fights, players may gather and train heroes and extensions. They can build their own assets by renaming extensions or using the “Artedit” feature. In various modes, players battle other players or enemies. Furthermore, the winner will receive land, extensions, crypto-energy, or a title. In-game Market also allows you to trade Heroes and extensions with other players. By Compete against other players in events that are customized to various player strengths. Original Extensions (ERC-721) and perpetual renown will be awarded to the best players.