Lucid Sight

Lucid Sight is a virtual reality game production studio headquartered in the United States that uses blockchain technology. “Poly Runner VR” (a racing game for Gear VR) and “Gumi No Yume” are two of the company’s recent releases (puzzle game for Gear VR). The corporation has also created a VR ad SDK, which allows game creators to include advertisements in their games. The games may be found on Steam and the Oculus store. It began its journey with the intention of creating solutions to assist the changing gaming industry. Working with big IPs and companies, Lucid Sight has pioneered and explored new technologies across many platforms (iOS, Android, VR, Console, and PC).

Using its cutting-edge multiplayer tech stack, Lucid Sight has created over two dozen games, applications, and experiences. MLB Champions, CSC x Star Trek, and Justice League on PSVR are among these titles. Colyseus, a 6-year-old open-source multiplayer engine built on JavaScript, was purchased by Lucid Sight in 2021. Lucid Sight is also the developer of revolutionary PC and mobile gaming technologies, as well as the designers of MLB Champions Baseball and Crypto Space Commander (CSC). It’s also a blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality software company. Using new technology, the company focuses on building innovative monetization and marketing platforms for brands and game developers.

Lucid Sight is said to have launched ten first-party games and apps to act as a testing ground for their technology. Lucid Sight has also worked on several third-party software projects, including projects for some of the most cutting-edge companies in the fields of technology, entertainment, and consumer packaged goods.