Illuvium is an Ethereum Blockchain-based open-world RPG adventure game. Illuvium is a decentralized game studio and DAO that combines cryptocurrencies with internet gaming. They make NFTs that are uniquely functional, evolving, and have a high production value, and they can be used in a universe of AAA play-to-earn games on the Ethereum blockchain. Players of Illuvium get access to 0 gas prices for minting or trading assets, as well as sub-second transaction speeds, all with user-maintained custody, due to its integration with the hyper-scalable immutable-X layer-two solution.

Illuvium is a shattered world of wonder and beauty. Players may hunt hazardous animals throughout a wide and varied environment, then catch them to fight in arenas or trade them on the Illuvials exchange.

The game puts a whole universe of famous, collectible NFT characters at your fingers, made by some of the world’s most creative artists. There are ultra-rare Illuvials in the game, created using never-before-seen 4D holographic shading methods. Illuvium provides a one-of-a-kind chance for players to gather, trade, combat, and gain uncommon in-game items.

Players may travel from area to region combating and capturing Illuvials, then employing them as part of their gathered squad in this open world story driven adventure game with a unique combination of sci-fi and fantasy.

It mixes aspects of classic RPG collection games with battle techniques popularized by the Auto Battler genre. Players may spend as much or as little time as they like in this easy and engaging game. There are greater secrets to be found in the universe, both by the individual player and the community, over time. It will serve as the launchpad for a series of games spanning a variety of genres, all of which will be linked to the core game asset: the Illuvials NFT.