GAMEE is a free mobile gaming app with a high level of engagement that allows users to accomplish game tasks, participate in tournaments, and earn money by playing free video games. There are no in-app purchases, no paying to win, simply rewarded play through real money app games!

Players can play their favorite games, play the game’s raffle Wheel of Fortune, compete in the regular ticket leaderboard for an opportunity to win actual cash every day, or play the Lucky Games for a chance to win hundred dollars in real money every four hours!

The Gamee Company’s aim is to bring the benefits of blockchain to a wider gaming audience, as well as to recognize and reward gaming talent, effort, and devotion.

GAMEE is working on a non-fungible token (NFT) system that will work with its gaming platform. GAMEE Tokens will be used to purchase and upgrade these GAMEE NFTs.

GAMEE simply returns the advertising revenue to the players in the form of free real-money prizes and awards. The greater the prizes and the more cash winners they may have every day, the more players earn money!

Without investing a single dime, players may play free games and win real prizes in fortunate drawings. There are no in-app purchases, and there is no requirement to spend to win. With the finest PayPal money games, players can expect incentives, prizes, and possibilities to earn cash while having fun!

GAMEE is not a supporter of or promoter of gambling. There is no purchase or payment necessary to enter the prizes or competitions. Players can play over 70 plus games in one app.