Crypto Assault

Crypto Assault is an online military game with a massively multiplayer component (MMO). Users join a massive 3D environment populated by thousands of gamers. Capture territory, mine resources, and combat other troops in real time.

With an intriguing battle dynamic in which you must develop your military and employ a variety of tactics to get an advantage over your opponents. You may buy your gear using the ERC-721 token, which, like the ERC-2, can also be used to conduct stage swaps.

It’s a tactical battle MMO Blockchain game that runs on the Ethereum network, and the game’s units are unique and tradeable ERC-721 Tokens that players truly own. Players are awarded daily based on how much land they were able to hold on that day.

It has to do with gaining a lot more significant power of action with your troops here, but if you need to support your quality, you may form alliances with other players, since you will be continuously assaulted by opponents who want to cling onto your territories. As a result, it is critical to maintain vigilance on all fronts.

You may purchase units with Ethereum. Every unit is a one-of-a-kind ERC-721 token that may be traded. It is possible to combine units to create more powerful units. If they die in combat, they will not be destroyed! They’ll be mended and returned to your inventory.

Real-time movement will allow troops to seize territory, mine resources, and fight other units. After each move, a unit must refuel for three hours and has a maximum distance it may go at one time.