RTFKT Studios

RTFKT was founded in the metaverse by three friends at the start of the COVID period in January 2020, and this has characterized its vibe until this day.

RTFKT is a diverse, creator-driven organization. RTFKT creates one-of-a-kind sneakers and digital artefacts by combining the latest in gaming engines, NFT, blockchain authentication, and augmented reality with manufacturing experience.

RTFKT is recognized for its viral sneaker designs, memes, and limited-edition collectibles. RTFKT has a reputation for being on the cutting edge of technology, which has many people perplexed because they don’t appear to have the resources or staff to compete with the giants in terms of research and development in the early days of digital fashion.

RTFKT has categorically rejected rumors that it is using a renegade AI (taken from the Space X) to build next-generation designs. There has been no proof or legal action to back up these allegations. RTFKT was an undefined collective that worked in the shadows for many years, offering ideas and concepts to gaming firms and a few select fashion labels. In 2020, they created a corporation to push their services into the public megamarket. RTFKT’s social development has been nearly terrifying, and the response has been fantastic. The RTFKT project was supposed to launch in 2040, but human awareness has advanced far quicker than planned.

RTFKT Studios intends to expand its three-person team by employing creators and artists, create an NFT marketplace, and hire employees to create a new virtual environment with additional funding. Given the effect RTFKT has already had with a skeleton team, it’s a bright potential.