GreenPark Sports

GreenPark Sports is reimagining and building the future of fandom. In 2021, the company launched GreenPark, a mobile app that allows sports fans to enter a vast, character-driven metaverse where they can connect, compete and celebrate their fandom in remarkable new ways. 

Today, GreenPark players can explore virtual realms representing the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), LaLiga, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) – where they can they join their favorite sports teams and go head-to-head in epic battles to become the #1 fan.

In the near future, GreenPark will be adding more leagues as well as enabling cutting-edge social features and blockchain / NFT integrations that will seamlessly merge real-world experiences with those in the virtual GreenPark universe. 

It’s all part of GreenPark Sports’ mission to blend creativity and technology to give sports fans a virtual universe of their own – and redefine what’s possible for the future of fandom.